European rental business boosts Microlease -

European rental business boosts Microlease

LONDON — The growth in test equipment rental in the UK from Microlease is expected to achieve 10-15% within the year, the best in three years as the division records its second consecutive quarter of growth.

Business is better in continental Europe with year-on year first quarter revenues up 69% which supports the company’s expansion plans and increased year-on-year group revenues of 26%.

The continental European revenue generation is at its highest level for two and a half years and the company has recorded its highest ever income in its USA market.

The European success has prompted Microlease to expand in Italy with additional field presence.

Paul McCloskey, Microlease’s sales director, said, “While some industry players continue to record losses, Microlease’s performance provides solid signs of a sustainable upturn in both the test equipment rental sector and the communication and electronics industries as a whole.”

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