European semi sales through distribution flat last year -

European semi sales through distribution flat last year

London, UK — The European semiconductor distribution market experienced flat sales to the industrial market in the final quarter of 2003 compared with the previous quarter and reported a flat development for the whole of 2003.

According to the Distributors' and Manufacturers' Association of Semiconductor Specialists (DMASS) total consolidated semiconductor distribution sales were €884million for Q4 and €3,75billion for 2003 in total.

Pierre-Yves Ferrard, DMASS chairman, said, “From our observation, the distribution business in 2003 excluding the sales to the PC channel grew again in volume but not in value. The market was dominated by weak pricing, driven by the huge exchange rate swing between US dollar and the Euro. However, all DMASS members have expressed strong optimism for 2004. Bookings look promising for the first half and lead-times for key products are already stretching quite significantly.”

Regionally, Germany still represents the biggest single market for semiconductor distribution with over €1,1billion, followed by Italy (€526million), UK (€485million), Scandinavia (€403million) and France (€374million).

Germany has shown the highest resilience of the big regions and reported a single digit growth in the top five product categories. Also Benelux and Iberia proved robust in the main product sectors. Growth leader was again Eastern Europe with a high double-digit increase.

Among the main product groups in semiconductor distribution, some did exceptionally well. Of the mainstream product sectors in distribution, EEPROMs (+20%) and LEDs (+15%) grew in double digits. Optocouplers, Power-MOS devices, DSPs and Small-Signal devices showed between 4 and 6% growth. Flat to slightly negative trends could be seen in the standard analog arena, for programmable logic devices and finally microcontrollers, with over €600million sales the single biggest product category within the DMASS report.

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