Eurotech integrates Infineon TPM to enable end-to-end security for IoT Edge Solutions

Eurotech teams up with Infineon Technologies to offer utmost protection of IoT Edge solutions. Infineon’s Trusted Platform Module integrated on Eurotech’s IoT Edge Gateways protects their device identity. This is especially important for the initial provisioning and continuous life-cycle management to public Cloud service platforms.

Eurotech will include Infineon’s OPTIGA TPM 2.0 SLB9670 in its broad range of Multi-service IoT Edge Gateways. The TPM acts as a vault for sensitive data such as the digital identity in connected devices and so significantly reduces the risk of data and production losses due to cyberattacks. To simplify the adoption of the TPM in IoT Edge applications, Eurotech and Infineon also offer an integrated hardware and software environment. Eurotech Multi-service IoT Edge Gateways will feature TPM 2.0 support in their Everyware Linux operating system and in their Everyware Software Framework (ESF), the IoT Edge Framework distributed and supported by Eurotech. Furthermore, Eurotech Multi-service IoT Edge Gateways powered by ESF will offer a simplified, user friendly TPM 2.0 device provisioning to Microsoft Az-ure IoT and other cloud services without requiring the development of complex edge applications.

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