Eurotech releases Java-OSGi Framework for M2M and smart sensors -

Eurotech releases Java-OSGi Framework for M2M and smart sensors


Eurotech has officially released its Kura 1.0 Java OSGi software framework for M2M multiservice gateways and smart sensors.

According to Marco Carrer, Vice President Software Engineering at Eurotech and Kura’s lead architect, it was developed as a part of its participation in the  Kura IoT project to provide Java software developers with an open-source platform for embedded applications.

“Kura offers a development environment for Java programmers that radically simplifies the creation of embedded applications,” he said, “and provides a set of common services for Java developers building M2M applications, including I/O access, data services, network configuration and remote management.

Available for download,  Kura is designed to serve as the foundation of a bridge between the private device network and the local network or public Internet or cellular network. Carrer said it is designed to provide a secure, reliable and optimized data transmission mechanism among field devices (sensors and actuators and human-machine interfaces ) and between these field devices and the cloud platform via MQTT protocol.

“Kura also makes a device smart, by adding as many embedded apps as needed, limited only by the hardware capabilities,” he said. “With Kura, a device can now be monitored, managed and accessed by remote administrators and 'sysadm' consoles.

“Kura is the software framework that will connect the next generation of smart devices to the cloud, while also transforming them into intelligent, multipurpose, and manageable devices.”

Kura 1.0 supports Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.7 on Rasberry Pi and BeagleBone Black open hardware to enable users to develop embedded apps upon the most popular open hardware platforms.

“Given the large number of people spontaneously adding to the project, we expect that the newborn Kura will grow up rapidly in the M2M/IoT marketplace, and we are already optimistic about new functions in release 1.1,” said Andrea Ceiner, Group Product Marketing Manager M2M/IoT, Eurotech.

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