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Evaluation kit for dresden/ZIGPOS eeRTLS eases development


An evaluation kit is now available for the Real-time Locating System (eeRTLS) offered by dresden elektronik ingenieurtechnik gmbh and ZIGPOS GmbH. The kit allows an easy start-up for evaluation of the locating system, which is based on Atmel´s new ranging technology. The eeRTLS technology can be applied seamlessly in indoor, outdoor, or mixed scenarios in a completely independent mode of operation. No satellite components are required.

The radio modules from dresden elektronik include an IEEE 802.15.4 compatible communication as well as an accurate phase measurement unit. This enables energy efficient combination of radio communication and position estimation of a radio node. Using the kit, development efforts are reduced to a minimum for the basic technology evaluation phase. Possible applications for the real-time object and person tracking are home automation, industrial sensor/actuator networks, logistics and retail chain support, smart transportation and internet of things.

Key features

  • advanced wireless sensor and actuator network
  • highly accurate real time radio location tracking system
  • indoor and outdoor application scenarios
  • global applicable solution
  • low-power and low-cost IEEE 802.15.4 standard compatible radio technology
  • simple device commissioning
  • robust and easy to use radio networking
  • reliable and secure protocol stack

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