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Evaluation kit for the compact COM Express class starts with Atom processor


The Kontron microETXexpress evaluation kit offers developers a fast introduction into the compact class of COM Express. At the heart of the starter kit are the company's microETXexpress-SP or -DC 95- by 95-mm Computer-on-Modules (COMs) based on Intel's Atom microprocessors and Kontron's ETXexpress mini baseboard. Starter kits are also available for evaluation with other microETXexpress modules.

The microETXexpress starter kit is an all-around development platform for a wide range of embedded applications that require high-performance and processing density on a compact footprint with low-power consumption. It's suited for evaluating applications that are to be operated on small mobile devices that are battery- or solar-powered and small embedded devices which have a compact format. Developers working on applications in areas such as multimedia, test and measurement, medical, automation, energy, telecommunications or POS / POI can start working on the target platform right away, due to the fact that the starter kit comes with the complete embedded hardware including the cables, a small power supply, and an active cooler.

At the core of the starter kit is the Kontron ETXexpress mini baseboard. Thanks to its low profile (about 44 mm including the COM and optional heat spreader), it can easily be integrated into embedded applications. Features and interfaces include PCI Express x1, PCI, serial ATA, PATA, a CF card slot, Gigabit Ethernet, USB 2.0, COM pin headers, DVI and VGA, 2x LVDS, audio interfaces, and a feature connector, which enables a direct connection from, for example, TV or video cards to the graphic card without encumbering the CPU or the data bus.

More information on the microETXexpress evaluation kit is available.

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