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Evaluation kit speeds ARM9-based MPU designs

LONDON — The SAM9G45-EK evaluation kit from Atmel supports application development on the company's 400 MHz ARM926-based embedded microprocessor with DDR2 memory.

The SAM9G45 offers 480 Mbps EHCI-compliant high-speed USB with on-chip PHY, Ethernet and SDIO for high-speed connectivity, plus LCD and touch sensing for intelligent user-interfaces (iUIs), and programmable 1.8 or 3.3 V I/O supply voltage implemented in a high-data bandwidth architecture with a dual EBI.

The evaluation board can be used to evaluate the performance benefits of the SAM9G45's dual external bus architecture, with two separate banks of 128 MBytes second-generation dual data rate (DDR2) memory, each of which is connected to an external bus interface. Onboard flash memory includes 2 Gigabytes of NAND flash and 32 Mb (2M x 16) flash memory, which can be used to store the firmware uploaded in the DDR2 memory at system boot or application data.

Onboard peripherals include a high-speed (HS) USB host/device port, a second HS USB host port, an Ethernet 10/100 interface, two high-speed SDCard/SDIO/MMC slots, a 24-bit color WQVGA LCD TFT display with resistive touchscreen and backlight, composite video output, camera interface and a backup battery.

The SAM9G45 board offers dual boot capability, supporting Linux and Microsoft Windows CE, with a pre-programmed demo showing the basic programming functionalities available under Linux and WinCE. Atmel provides full BSPs for both operating systems free of charge.

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Atmel provides the Linux v2.6.27 operating system free of charge on its AT91SAM Linux portal. The Linux package includes the complete Linux v2.6.27 kernel, the Linux patch for the AT91SAM9G45 evaluation kit, device drivers, pre-built demonstrations and the …ngstrom distribution based on the OpenEmbedded building environment. The AT91SAM Linux portal is a gateway to a wide and growing community that provides Linux self-support for Atmel's entire ARM9-based range of embedded 32-bit microprocessors.

A full-featured Windows embedded BSP for the AT91SAM9G45 kit provides everything engineers need to deploy Microsoft's embedded technologies on Atmel's ARM9-based products. It can be downloaded from the website. Extensive documentation is available that includes a ready-to-run demonstration explaining how to use and customize the BSP source code and how to build applications based on the Windows BSPs.

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