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EvDO Revision A test support is added to test platform


Aeroflex has added EvDO Revision A support to its 6402 CDMA AIME network emulation platform. The EvDO Revision A capability will provide test support for device development, signaling conformance, and interoperability, as well as applications development.

The addition of EvDO Revision A technology to networks improves data rates and provides advanced quality of service capabilities, which better facilitates video streaming and VoIP applications. Aeroflex's introduction of a development and protocol conformance test capability for this technology reflects industry demand for early access to a complete test solution to ensure timely, successful roll-out of EvDO Revision A devices and applications.

The EvDO Revision A test capability is shipping immediately on all new Aeroflex 6402 CDMA AIME test platforms. In addition, it's available as an upgrade to existing systems. For pricing for specific test applications, contact Aeroflex at www.aeroflex.com.

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