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Everspin takes nonvolatile 64-Mb MRAM out for a spin

SAN FRANCISCO—Everspin Technologies Inc. said Monday (Nov. 12) it is now sampling the industry's first 64-Mb spin-torque magnetoresistive RAM (ST-MRAM), a type of non-volatile memory (NVM) with low latency and high endurance thought to hold promise for use in solid-state drives (SSDs) and other high-performance storage systems.

Everspin (Chandler, Ariz.) said the 64-Mb device is the first product on an ST-MRAM roadmap that is planned to scale to gigabit density memories with faster speeds. Select customers are now evaluating samples the chip, EMD3D064M, Everspin said.

Everspin, which spun out of Freescale Semiconductor Inc. in 2008, bills itself as the only company to have successfully commercialized MRAM chips. The company says it has shipped some 7 million devices based on toggle-mode MRAM technology.

But toggle MRAM has limited scaling potential. Everspin and others say ST-MRAM – which uses a spin-polarized current – is one of three types of low-latency emerging memory types with the potential to displace current technologies.

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