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Excel’s WinTranslator 4.0 and MacTranslator 3.0 for software developers

WinTranslator 4.0 now handles Visual Basic, Xojo, supports the latest Java and Android programming plus has new Delphi enhancements. MacTranslator 3.0 has enhancements for Objective-C in Xcode, Xojo, RealBasic, Java, Delphi and C++. Both tools increase capacity and add progress indicators to process large projects with thousands of code files, folders and namespaces.

WinTranslator running on Windows scans source code to extract data. That data is imported into the WinA&D modeling tool to automatically generate class diagrams, structure charts and data models. The project dictionary is populated with design details like data types, method arguments, descriptive comments and links from model objects to associated source code. Likewise, MacTranslator on Mac OS X extracts data for use in MacA&D.

WinTranslator and MacTranslator are highly scalable, fully automated tools that support dozens of programming languages and dialects. Models and dictionary information can be generated from legacy source code, class frameworks, open source and example projects. A single window provides a step-by-step process to quickly identify the code folders, language and options to document an unfamiliar project.

When a developer identifies the code folders, language and options, WinTranslator or MacTranslator generate a project file of commands, then process those commands to output a text file of data. That data is imported into WinA&D or MacA&D to populate the data dictionary and generate a stack of diagrams that reflect the code structure. WinA&D and MacA&D have options to control code organization into diagrams, presentations options or identification of execution threads for representation in diagrams. Once desired options are selected, the process requires very little human effort.

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