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Exception invests in PCB production

LONDON — Electronics manufacturer Exception Group Ltd. has announced a £400,000 investment in new manufacturing technology for its printed circuit (pc) board production facility in Tewkesbury, England. The company has recently taken delivery of a Pola & Massa automated planariser, which is used to reduce excess copper and resin from high density interconnect (HDI) and multilayer high aspect ratio products.

Exception has also invested in an ATG A5 flying probe soft touch test platform. The high-speed system uses 8 fine pitch probes for the electrical testing of prototypes and complex HDI adopted technology, with the ability to test pad features down to 50 micron with zero witness marks, a critical factor in micro BGA and flip chip applications, where the wire bond process is next in the supply chain.

In addition to the planariser and soft touch test platform, Exception has recently introduced a metallisation line to provide an enhanced HDI manufacturing capability, similar to that seen in the fabrication of IC substrates. The facility complements Exception’s current SAP (semi additive process) throughout the company’s wet cells, delivering improved fine line resolution and yield beyond 50 microns.

“We have listened carefully to our customers and secured some of the most cutting edge technology on the market to support their needs,” said Gordon Holden, managing director of Exception’s pc board manufacturing division. Exception is also currently evaluating the introduction of a new combined Yag and CO2 laser drilling machine, which is scheduled for implementation into the company’s facility in the fourth quarter of this year. The new technology will involve a further investment of £360,000.

The company employs 450 people at sites in Tewkesbury and Calne and has an annual turnover of approximately £55 million.

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