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Executive and engineer feature in New Year honours

London, UK — David Jordan , chairman and managing director of Philips Electronics UK, has received a CBE. He was appointed in October 1998 having previously been the company's group financial director since September 1995. He has held senior positions in medical systems, defence electronics, computing, telecommunications and electronic components. Prior to 1995 he was managing director of Philips Medical Systems-Radiotherapy and has been with the company for more than 35 years.

He was the last President of FEI in 2001/2002 and the first President of Intellect 2002/2003. He is a member of the Information Age Partnership, a UK government organisation that meets to exchange insights into technical, economic and political developments. IAP was created in March 1998 to help the UK achieve leadership in moving towards an e-economy.

He is chairman of the CBI's Technology and Innovation Committee and was appointed by the CBI to one of the joint TUC-CBI productivity working groups (on technology and innovation) initiated by the Chancellor of the Exchequer in 2001.

In August 2003 Jordan was appointed a member of the steering committee of the Electronics Innovation and Growth Team (EIGT), which has been set up to look at the long term development and prosperity of the UK electronics industry. The team is due to present a set of recommendations to the Government by next June.

Eric Cheer , an electronics systems designer at BAE Systems in Christchurch, Dorset received a MBE for services to the defence industry. Included in his work for BAE, Cheer devised radical design changes to improve VHF/UHF receiver architecture and produce a successful prototype of the miniature receiver. As well as its small size, it has an ultra low current consumption, stealth attributes.

The inventor of the World Wide Web, Tim Berners-Lee , has been awarded a knighthood for his pioneering work. The British scientist was born in London in 1955 and 'created' the web in late 1980s and early 1990s at Cern in Geneva. In 1994 he founded World Wide Web Consortium at MIT and Time magazine named him one of the top 20 thinkers of the 20th Century

The physicist created his hypertext program which let scientists easily share research findings across a computer network.

Sir Tim currently heads up the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston, where he is now based as an academic.

Michael Reilly , group managing director of Sonatest, was awarded an MBE for service to business in Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire. He is a member of the board of Countec, a consortium of education business links organisations within the Learning Skills Council area of Milton Keynes, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire. Headquartered in Milton Keynes, the Sonatest Group designs and manufactures of non-destructive testing equipment. The company produces ultrasonic digital flaw detectors, corrosion and precision gauges, bolt tension measurement equipment, ultrasonic transducers, conventional and micro-focus X-ray systems.

John Anderson , assistant chief engineer at Thales, received an MBE for services to the defence industry.

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