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Expandable ARM evaluation kit touts unique features and rock-bottom price


Sunnyvale, Calif.— With a suggested price of $249, the AME-51 is being billed as the industry's lowest cost ARM-based “all-in-one-box” evaluation kit. It targets Oki Semiconductor's ARM7TDMI-based 4050/4060 Series Advantage Microcontrollers and is said to offer features lacking in other evaluation kits.

Designed for expansion, the kit's board brings all signals from the MCU to headers on the board's edge. The board includes a bus-based temperature sensor, an analog potentiometer tied to an analog-to-digital converter, two RS-232 connectors, a seven-segment LED, and additional user LEDs and push button switches. A key benefit of the AME-51's board is that it lets you set an unlimited number of break points and, using ROM emulation, instantly reload program code into the ARM processor.

The AME-51 kit comes with Embedded Workbench for ARM, a complete and integrated set of development tools from IAR Systems, which designed the AME-51 in partnership with Oki. Among the software tools are a C/C++ compiler, assembler, linker, code editor, JTAG debugger with target control, and instruction set simulator.

The kit also includes Oki's in-system flash programmer, which lets you program the ARM core's flash memory using a Windows graphic user interface.

The AME-51 is available through Oki's distributors, Nu Horizons Electronics Corp. and Mouser Electronics. Also, Oki, Nu Horizons, and IAR Systems will offer regional training systems on the 4050/4060 Series Advantage Microcontrollers and the IAR Systems development environment. Anyone who pre-registers for the training seminars can purchase the AME-51 for $199 through Nu Horizons. Seminar schedules and registration information are available by clicking here.

Oki Semiconductor , 1-408-720-1900, www.okisemi.com/us

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