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Expansion board provides isolated analog inputs for DAP systems

Bellevue, Wash.—In an effort to help designers better protect analog inputs from noise and eliminate ground loops, Microstar Laboratories Inc. has developed the MSXB 084 isolated analog input expansion board that provides isolated analog inputs for data acquisition processor (DAP) systems.

The MSXB 084 includes 16 differential analog inputs, with isolation from PC ground. A/D conversion to 16-bit resolution takes place on the board itself, to minimize exposure to noise from other circuits in the system.

The board can acquire data at 333k samples per second. Only digital values are passed to other system components. Eight boards in a 19-inch rack-mountable industrial enclosure can connect to a single DAP board. A PC or DAPserver can control multiple local DAP boards and many more across a network as a fully synchronized system.

Compared with Microstar's other signal-conditioning products, the MSXB 084 offers higher signal density, enable higher channel counts, and include FPGAs for flexible control. The MSXB 084 board fits into a backplane in a standard industrial enclosure.

Pricing: $595.
Availability: Now.
Product information: Click here.

Microstar Laboratories, www.mstarlabs.com

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