Experts provide lead-free advice -

Experts provide lead-free advice


LONDON — The National Physical Laboratory recently hosted two speakers from the U.S. to present a lead-free master class and also to participate in the Summer SSTC Lead-Free Conference.

On day one, David Hillman, a metallurgical engineer in the Advanced Operations Engineering Department of Rockwell Collins Inc. in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and his colleague, Doug Pauls, who is most notably known for his expertise in surface insulation resistance testing, cleaning and cleanliness assessment, conformal coatings, and how to qualify manufacturing processes; presented their Master Class entitled ‘Crafting of a Lead-Free Solder Process’.

The course covered how to develop a robust, high reliability lead-free manufacturing process and was developed by process engineers responsible for all aspects of a lead-free process in their own facility.

On the second day the SSTC Conference included Dave Hillman presenting a paper ‘Solder Joint Thermal Cycle Reliability Impact due to the Interaction of Lead-Free Solder Alloys Containing Bismuth and Lead’.

Hillman was joined by Clive Simmonds, from BAE Systems, to present their joint work on ‘JCAA/JG-PP Lead-Free Solder Testing for High Reliability Applications’. Simmonds then presented a strategy for dealing with tin-lead ‘Aerospace & Defence Implementation’.

The day started with an up to the minute overview on ‘RoHS Enforcement in the U.K.’, by Chris Smith of NWML, the U.K. enforcement body for RoHS. Smith stressed that enforcement will be a ‘light touch’ approach, but not a ‘soft touch’.

Hector Steen, from Henkel, who gave details of an alloy developed to meet future automobile electronics requirements of 150 degree C operating temperature ‘High Temperature Alloy for Automotive Applications’. Nathan Barry from Goodrich presented a new method for vibration (high cycle fatigue) resistance of lead-free alloys. Finally, host for the day Dr. Chris Hunt, covered measuring conformal coating performance.

The speakers at the SSTC Conference, plus Chairman for the day James Vincent from Cerulean.

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