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eXtremeDB embedded DBMS now available for iOS Developers


The eXtremeDB In-Memory Database System (IMDS) and related product family from McObject is now available for Apple’s iOS mobile platform. In eXtremeDB, developers of applications for Apple’s iOS software ecosystem gain a high performance database with support for highly efficient location-based lookups and a tiny footprint that avoids monopolizing on-device hardware resources.

While iOS developers write their code in Objective-C – a super-set of the versatile and widely-used C programming language – most data management in iOS apps is accomplished in SQL, a database programming language with inherent performance limitations. With roots in real-time embedded software ranging from avionics to telecom/networking infrastructure devices and consumer electronics, McObject’s eXtremeDB enables iOS developers to move beyond SQL and fully leverage the potential of their development environment and of Apple’s hardware.

Mobile location-based software – a popular iOS app category – gets a boost from eXtremeDB’s support for the R-tree, a specialized database index created to handle geospatial data. McObject customers rely on the R-tree for uses ranging from mapping to tracking users' travel via GPS, as well as discovering the number of potential friends in a given area, in a popular social networking application.

eXtremeDB is based on a core in-memory database system (IMDS) architecture that delivers performance measured in microseconds. If greater data durability is required, eXtremeDB Fusion technology enables the developer to specify persistent (on-disk) storage for selected record types. eXtremeDB’s small footprint – code size is approximately 150K – and frugal use of CPU cycles make it a device-friendly DBMS that avoids monopolizing hardware resources.

eXtremeDB for iOS evaluation software is available on McObject’s Web site for free download .

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