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Fairchild controller advances performance, reduces BOM in PFC apps

San Jose, Calif.—Fairchild Semiconductor's FAN7930 is an active PFC controller for boost PFC applications that operate in critical conduction mode (CRM).

The FAN7930 is well-suited for LCD and PDP TV applications, as well as for applications using less than 200W where PFC is mandated, including Class C lighting equipment greater than 25W, and Class D PC, TV and monitors greater than 75W.

The FAN7930 uses a voltage-mode PWM, which compares an internal ramp signal to the error amplifier output, resulting in a MOSFET turn-off signal. Because the voltage-mode CRM PFC controller does not need rectified AC line voltage information, it saves the power loss of an input voltage sensing network necessary for a current-mode CRM PFC controller.

Packaged in an 8-pin SOP, the FAN7930 includes a PFC-ready pin, which can be used to trigger the next power stages, as an example in the LLC conversion stage, when PFC output voltage reaches the proper level with hysteresis. Also in the next power stage, the PFC-ready pin eliminates the need for an external circuit for PFC under-voltage lockout (UVLO) while reducing power loss.

The FAN7930 also includes a maximum switching frequency limitation and stable operating at the abnormal condition such as high noise and current. The AC Absent Detection function increases system reliability during the fast AC On-Off Test or in the event of a short electric power failure.

Price: $1 in 1ku quantities.
Availability: samples available now; delivery: ARO 36 weeks.
Datasheet: Click here.

Fairchild Semiconductor, www.fairchildsemi.com

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