Family of digital and analog validation products support DDR3 memory -

Family of digital and analog validation products support DDR3 memory


Nexus Technology introduced Tektronix support for DDR3-1867 DIMM and embedded acquisition. This results in a complete digital and analog validation platform for DDR3 using TLA7000 logic analyzers, DPO/DSA70000B and DPO7000 oscilloscopes, the NEX-DDR3INTR-HS DDR3 DIMM slot interposer, DDR3 NEXVu VDIMMs, or DDR3 component interposers.

The DDR3 standard supports data rates from 800 to 1867 Mtransfers/s with clock frequencies from 400 to 933 MHz. DDR3 is suited for high-performance applications such as file servers, video-on-demand, encoding and decoding, gaming, and 3D visualization.

Nexus Technology's DDR3-1867 NEX-DDR3INTR-HS DIMM slot interposer allows for easy testing and digital validation of different DDR3 DIMMs. It provides non-intrusive probing and the industry's lowest DIMM acquisition BER (bit-error-ratio), allowing the VDIMMs to work in the widest possible range of targets, minimizing customer risk during first power-ons and debug.

The DDR3-1867 component interposers provide easy access to the DDR signals for use in embedded designs and can be easily swapped between logic analyzer and oscilloscope component interposers for flexible, extremely accurate, and reliable digital and analog validation. Multiple component interposers can be used as one acquisition system to rebuild up to a 32-bit DDR3 data bus.

All the products come with the company's setup software, DDR3 SPA threshold and sample point analyzer. Also available is the DDR3 Protocol Violation software, providing proven modeling and error reporting of DDR3 protocol.

All interposers are available for immediate delivery. Additional information on these products can be found at

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