Family of high-density T1/J1/E1 line interface units suits optical transport apps -

Family of high-density T1/J1/E1 line interface units suits optical transport apps


IDT bolstered its position in the T1/E1/J1 market by introducing a family of high-density line interface units (LIUs). The family, which includes 28-, 21-, and 16-channel options in small packages, provides an optimized set of solutions for tributary aggregation in applications such as multi-service provisioning platforms (MSPPs), optical multiplexers, edge routers, and wireless transport systems. By integrating up to 28 ports with software impedance matching, termination components, and frequency synthesizers, the high-density LIUs reduce power, board space, and cost. The LIU devices also offer flexible line and system interface configuration options. An industry-standard system interface ensures support for both commercial and custom framing and mapping circuits with standard TDM interfaces.

Each channel of the high-density LIU can be selected to operate independently in T1, J1 or E1 (75/120-ê) mode. Fully integrated and software-programmable internal impedance circuits reduce the number of external components and address multiple markets. The devices also offer various line termination configuration options, including single-ended termination for E1 applications on the primary and secondary side of the transformer. Up to 63 backplane traces can be saved when routing lines from the I/O panel to the LIU.

The high-density LIU devices are in production quantities. Prices range from $28 to $45. Additional information can be found at

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