Fanless wall mount computer -

Fanless wall mount computer


LONDON — The PicoBox is one of the compact wall mount high performance, fanless industrial computers with comprehensive and multi-functional features in the Boxline range from BEG Bürkle.

The unit measures 88mm high x 230 mm wide x 300 mm deep. It has a Core Duo T2500-processor and a CPU cooling system with thermosiphons. The basic evaporation and condensation principle of thermosiphon allows for a considerably higher transfer of heat energy, as compared to conventional heat pipes.

It uses a Seagate 2.5-inch EE25 hard disk which permits continuous 24-hour operation within the ambient temperature up to 50°C.

For a more robust system, data storage can be provided by an IDE flash disk module with up to 8 Gbyte of storage and whcih has no moving parts. The arrangement of all the operating agents, connections and drives on one side is user friendly. This also allows for different mounting options which are simply convertible by means of L- and Z-brackets. Since the chassis carries the cooling system on the rear, the PicoBox can be universally installed.

The compact dimensions and fanless construction are suitable requirements for a decentralized integration into industrial equipment. The PicoBox is resistant to all kinds of vibrations, aggressive emissions and fine dust particles.

BEG Bürkle

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