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Farnell adds 60 Knitter-Switch lines


LONDON — A major expansion of Knitter-Switch's products available from stock at Farnell In One sees 60 additional product ranges featured in the latest catalogue.

Knitter-Switch and Farnell In One have been working together now for eight years and Terry Moss, general sales manager for Knitter-Switch UK, said, “They have established a good customer base for Knitter-Switch in the UK and we are very pleased to be working together now to move into new markets and increase our UK sales.”

The new model ranges include MTW toggle switches and MPE push buttons, both of which are waterproofed to IP67 and the MPG heavy-duty and TP Illuminated push buttons, for industrial control systems and panel builders. While for instrumentation and medical applications the EST toggles switches and EPS push buttons are static-safe to protect sensitive electronic equipment. All of the products are available with a range of button and bezel options.

Brian Riggs, (left) sales engineer for Knitter-Switch and Jonathan Wilson, product manager at Farnell.

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