Fast upload of large trace information -

Fast upload of large trace information


Munich, Germany – GT is a shortcut for GigaTrace and stands for the possibility of recording more than one GigaByte of trace information. To analyze such large amount of information efficiently, iSYSTEM developed new host-target interface hardware as well as an additional trace information software compression mechanisms. The new hardware, so called iC3000GT, seamlessly integrates into the modular concept of iSYSTEM tools.

iSYSTEM emulator/debugger hardware for ARM with ETM and Freescale MPC with NEXUS debug interface

Using this platform, upload is a lot faster than with conventional systems (up to 50MB/s). If a user connects an iTRACEGT (see picture) hardware in addition to the host-target interface iC3000GT, large trace information can be uploaded fast and transparent at the same time. This means a user doesn't have to wait until the uploaded data can be seen on the PC screen and be analyzed. Nearly endless Trace, Profiling and Code Coverage analysis are possible defining the information to be stored on a PC hard disk while data is still uploaded.

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