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Ferrite bead products fit tiny spaces


Murata Electronics North America introduced an enhanced 0201 surface-mount ferrite bead, the BLM03BB series, which is designed to meet FCC electro-magnetic interference (EMI) regulations and minimize attenuation in high-speed signals. It's suited for Bluetooth and WLAN modules, power-amplifier modules for cell phones, PDAs, laptops, and other applications with limited board space.

Measuring just 0.6 by 0.3 mm, the BLM03BB series enables manufacturers to meet government regulations regarding noise suppression for high current power lines in limited board space products. These requirements were needed to prevent an increase in EMI from the dramatic influx of equipment such as computers and fax machines for both home and office use.

Murata also introduced an advanced surface-mount ferrite bead in a 0603 package. The BLM18SG series offers the advantages of low dc resistance, high-current capacity, and excellent noise suppression. Suitable applications include power-line filtering for dc power lines that are found in compact mobile equipment such as PDAs, digital cameras, and cell phones. More information on both products is available at www.murata-northamerica.com.

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