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FFC spectrum analyzers used in satellite news gathering vehicles


Sat-Comm are including Rohde & Schwarz FSC spectrum analyzers as standard in its  mid range and high end satellite news gathering (SNG) vehicles.  

Sat-Comm is a UK-based systems integration specialist focused on SNG vehicle installations and Fly Aways – units that enable 24/7 transmission services from the field and this move also formalises Sat-Comm’s status as a formal value added partner of Rohde & Schwarz UK

Sat-Comm sells SNG vehicles to over 50 countries in five continents and the FSC spectrum analyzers are used monitor the transmissions.

The FSC spectrum analyzer has a small footprint and does not require cooling fans. Its low power consumption means that it can be powered from either 18v DC or mains supplies, making it suitable for a mobile applications.

Sat-Comm has a range of satellite uplink solutions as well as terrestrial microwave vehicles and mobile GSM base-stations, communications technologies for which Rohde & Schwarz supplies a full range of test and measurement equipment.

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