Filter specialists move to Somerset -

Filter specialists move to Somerset


Crewkerne, UK — The Euroquartz Group has moved its filters division from Southampton and brought it under the same roof as the company's quartz crystal manufacturing facility in Crewkerne, Somerset.

Euroquartz Filters specialises in the design and manufacture of custom electronic filters for defence, telecommunications and related applications. It had been based in Southampton for many years but has now been moved in order to streamline activities.

Andy Treble, Euroquartz's sales and marketing director, said, “The filters division will have immediate access to all the facilities here at Crewkerne including prototype crystal production and automated test capabilities. Many of our crystals customers will also benefit from the additional skills and facilities brought by the filters division.”

Euroquartz Filters is a separate company within the Euroquartz Group and facilities include computer-aided design using the company's analysis and synthesis software, precision coil winding, assembly, component and environmental measurements and performance analysis using level-measurement sets.

Each filter is designed and built to perform to customers' requirements for electrical characteristics, reliability and resistance to hostile environments. Euroquartz Filters' production process is geared to the manufacture of single units or small batches and the majority of products are hand-assembled to ensure maximum flexibility and to avoid expensive and time-consuming tooling set-up.

The CAD programs enable compact passive circuits to be designed using standard components wherever practicable. Many non-standard components can be manufactured in-house to exacting specifications.

With annual turnover of £3.5million and a current growth rate of 12.5% per annum, Euroquartz group provides all types of quartz crystals, oscillators, filters and frequency control products.

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