Filter technology gains 20th design win -

Filter technology gains 20th design win


York, UK — BSC Filters, one of only two UK companies to have successfully developed the complex Suspended Substrate Stripline (SSS) architecture, is celebrating its 20th design win for the proprietary filter technology since its introduction in September 2002.

BSC is finding success in high-value specialist applications in electronic warfare (ECM, ESM and ELINT) and advanced radar systems where the devices' functionality, lightweight, small size and robustness provide competitive advantages.

SSS technology provides improved levels of performance compared to standard filter architectures with multi-octave bandwidth devices being produced with extended stopband performance up to 50GHz. BSC's architecture close-in rejection over 60dB 15% away from band edge and in some cases this can be improved to less than 10% away from band edge.

Devices are available within a frequency range of 500MHz to 40GHz and cover the full range of filter structures: highpass, lowpass, bandpass, bandstop and multiplexer configurations.

SSS is based on printed circuit technology and utilises a photo-etched, copper-clad dielectric substrate (usually PTFE) secured between silver-plated machined casings, to provide high-Q and low insertion loss, combined with a small, lightweight and rugged construction.

BSC was formed in 1989 and employs 36 people in York.

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