Final piece in broadband jigsaw for Yorkshire -

Final piece in broadband jigsaw for Yorkshire


LONDON — The installation of equipment for broadband at the Ramsgill Dale telephone exchange in North Yorkshire has seen the Yorkshire and Humber region become the third U.K. region to achieve 100% coverage.

The installation made broadband available to the final 4000 householders and 800 businesses in the region which at one stage looked as if it would not be connected.

Working with BT and Adit, the regional procurement agency, Yorkshire Forward last year agreed to provide funding to make broadband available in the 24 exchanges that BT had previously announced were not commercially viable under its national broadband roll-out programme.

Yorkshire Forward has also liaised with the community groups that have already established networks in these locations, using alternative technologies, to ensure that they can work with service providers to offer their customers access to improved services.

Jim Farmery, Head of Technology Infrastructure at Yorkshire Forward, said, “Geography is no longer a barrier to progress for any firm in our region, with all businesses that previously did not have access to broadband now being able to compete more effectively in the global market.”

“Although our region is one the few with 100% broadband access, we also have one of the lowest take-up rates in the UK. This needs to be improved and, over the next few months, we will be doing everything we can to make it happen.”

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