Finnish analog and mixed signal ICs designer uses LFoundry PDK -

Finnish analog and mixed signal ICs designer uses LFoundry PDK


LONDON — Landshut Silicon Foundry GmbH (LFoundry) has successfully carried out a foundry manufacturing service based on its all-in-one process design kit (PDK) for Micro Analog Systems Oy (Espoo, Finland).

MAS is using the LFoundry PDK for new product developments which need flexible modular process setups and fast development cycles.

“For our current product qualifications we need a manufacturing line with highest quality certifications, flexible process setups and fast cycle times,” said Juha Majakulma, CEO of MAS. “With the LFoundry multi-project-wafer setups we can achieve our aggressive development times by also being cost efficient.”

“For the interface with our experienced design team, the flexible customer interface setup of LFoundry engineering team with its fast reaction time on technical support is an additional value for reaching our quick development turn around times,” added Majakulma.

Michael Lehnert, CEO of LFoundry added, “MAS, being located in Europe on the one hand and having well established distribution business worldwide fits perfect to our philosophy of a European based foundry with global customer approach. With our monthly multi-project-wafer shuttle starts on fast cycle times we see special advantages for customers, like MAS, also focusing on low volume manufacturing service with high quality output.”

Micro Analog Systems Oy was founded in 1980 designs and markets low voltage, low power, and low noise analog and mixed signal ICs. It is privately owned and also operates a second design office in Tallinn, Estonia and has in-house wafer level testing and final testing facility.

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