First open-source integrated Ada and C++ development system hits the market -

First open-source integrated Ada and C++ development system hits the market


New York, N.Y. — AdaCore and CodeSourcery have jointly created G++/GNAT Pro Joint Edition, the first open-source development environment for native and embedded applications that use both Ada and C++programming languages.

The G++/GNAT Pro Joint Edition is based on a combination of several GNU-based, open-source technologies, including AdaCore's GNAT Pro Ada toolsuite, and CodeSourcery's G++ Pro compiler. The G++/GNAT Pro Joint Edition is an integrated development environment (IDE) that features source editors, configuration management facilities, source-level debuggers, source navigation and queries, and user extensibility.

It is suitable for complex, mission-critical systems that must combine software developed in Ada and C++ programming languages. Ada, a modern programming language designed for embedded systems, is currently undergoing another revision that is expected to be completed in the form of an amendment to the standard this year.

“Over the past decade, modern defense systems have created large and sophisticated bodies of software in a variety of high-level languages, including Ada and C++,” said Robert Dewar, president of AdaCore. “The partnership between AdaCore and CodeSourcery provides defense contractors with an open-source, feature-rich development platform for a broad range of native and cross-development scenarios.”

The open-source principles of the G++/GNAT Pro Joint Edition allow third-party and proprietary tools to be used from within the IDE framework, while maintaining compliance with recognized industry standards.

Aimed at long-term defense programs, the U.S. Army's Future Combat System (FCS) and the U.S. Navy's DD(X) System have publicly recognized the advantages of, and are committed to, using open-source software.

The G++/GNAT Pro Joint Edition is available today from AdaCore. Specific pricing information is not available since it changes depending upon the specific configuration.

Please contact for the latest information on pricing and supported configurations.

AdaCore , 1-212-620-7300,

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