First Sensor: pressure sensors now up to 10 bar and with side pressure connections -

First Sensor: pressure sensors now up to 10 bar and with side pressure connections

First Sensor extends its platform of piezoresistive differential pressure sensors of the HTD series from 1 mbar with measuring ranges of up to 10 bar. In addition to the very small and flat manifold housing with a footprint of 8 x 13 mm, which is ideal for space-saving manifold mounting, the HTD series now offers an SMD housing with side pressure connections. The new housing features barbed pressure ports for secure tube connection, even for higher pressures.

A major application of the HTD sensors is differential pressure measurement across a flow-restrictive element (e.g. orifice or laminar flow element) to determine volumetric flow. The differential pressure sensor measures in a bypass to the main flow channel. Typical examples can be found in medical technology (ventilators, anesthesia machines, CPAP, spirometers, oxygen concentrators), HVAC (volumetric flow controllers, filter monitoring, burner control), instrumentation and industrial controls.

The HTD differential pressure sensors feature a SPI interface with 15 bit resolution and an analog output signal. With their 3 or 5 V supply and low power consumption, the HTD miniature pressure sensors are ideal for battery-powered applications in mobile and portable devices. For pick-and-place machines in high-volume production, the HTD sensors can optionally be supplied on tape and reel. The sensors are temperature compensated from 0 to 70 °C and provide a temperature reading in addition to the pressure value. 

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