FirstSQL/J Embedded Mobile 3.20 -

FirstSQL/J Embedded Mobile 3.20


El Cerrito, Calif. – FFE Software, Inc., has just made available the newest Version 3.20 of its FirstSQL/J Embedded Mobile Edition, a full featured Relational Database Management System (RDBMS), supporting JME and suitable for other embedded configurations.

According to Lee Fesperman, CEO of FFE Software, Version 3.20 offers significant performance improvements, additional persistent storage capability, enhanced SQL92 compliance, and full Unicode support and much more.

Among some of the new enhancemtnts are the addition of JOIN Construct, CROSS JOIN, INNER JOIN, FULL OUTER JOIN and NATURAL and USING clauses as well as INTERSECT, EXCEPT Set Operations and CORRESPONDING clause.

New resource file capabilities include a BuildResourceDb Utility that writes a physical database to a resource file for loading the database; a CompileStaticSql Utility that writes execution plans for SQL commands to the resource file for use by MIDP Component; and Database Load, for in-memory operation.

FirstSQL/J features full portability (code and database) across most platforms, from embedded and mobile devices to mainframes, 32/64 bit as well as JME, JSE, and JEE compatibility.

Database modes include full persistence to file system or RMS (MIDP only); in-memory operation with persistence to file system; in-memory operation with no persistence read only, suitable for read only media; and anxtensive Set of APIs, for programmatic control of system.

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