Fischer Elektronik: 19-inch insert modules with variable dimensions -

Fischer Elektronik: 19-inch insert modules with variable dimensions


Not all PCBs and electronic devices fit into the specified standard seizes of a 19” cassette. For this purpose Fischer Elektronik offers a 19” cassette with variable dimensions. With the new cassette type G any standard and customer specific seize can be realized. This is made possible by four edge profiles with integrated grooves for the insertion of side plates as well as top and bottom panels. T-grooves for threaded inserts, slide nuts or screw heads allow a simple mounting of the electronics. External screw channels for the mounting of front and back panels prevent short circuits caused by possible falling out screw chips.

The standard seizes of the cassette type G amount to 3U height, an insertion depth for Europe cards with the seizes 160mm or 220mm as well as five different widths (10, 12, 14, 16 and 20 HP). The different back panel cuts from the standard portfolio as well as customised cuts allow different functions of the cassette. For a better ventilation of the electronics Fischer Elektronik offers the optionally perforated cover panel. An easy removal and insertion of the cassette of the 19” subrack is realized by optional handles made of plastics or aluminium. The cassette type G is offered with three different surface treatments: natural colour anodized (ME), black anodized (SA) or electrical conductive transparent passivated (TP). As Fischer Electronic offers its customers greatest possible flexibility for the products further surface treatments, printings or additional mechanical treatments according to customers specifications are naturally possible.

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