Fiso deal brings fibre systems to Sequoia -

Fiso deal brings fibre systems to Sequoia

LONDON — Sequoia Technology has increased its instrumentation product range with the addition of Fiso Technologies to its portfolio.

These sensors, which can measure temperature, pressure, strain, refractive index, load and displacement, are immune to the effects of RFI/EMI and magnetic fields and are intrinsically safe making them suitable for use in the aerospace and defence, medical, scientific, civil engineering and energy application areas. Francois Pelletier, VP for Sales and Marketing at Fiso, said, “We had been looking for some time for a strategic partner who could understand the importance of our technology and was able to penetrate all the diverse markets in which our sensors could be used. Sequoia has a strong background in specialist sensors and has already demonstrated its ability to create demand for our products.” Fiso Technologies (Quebec City, Canada) is part of the Roctest Group which has over 50 years experience in sensing solutions. Since its formation in 1994 Fiso has been focusing on the introduction of leading-edge optical contact measurement products and solutions using proprietary white-light interferometry techniques.

Front: Simon Thornton, Product Manager, Sequoia; back from left: Chris Binsley, Director of Sequoia Sensors Division, Sequoia; Francois Pelletier, VP Sales & Marketing, Fiso Technologies’; Didier Trin, Sales Director, Europe, Fiso Technologies’.

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