Fix it if it's broke -

Fix it if it’s broke

Over the past few weeks, has migrated to a new platform. This platform has the potential for new features that will improve the usability and functionality of the site. Of course, there's a lag between the promise and the reality as we work out the glitches, so if you find elements that don't work as you would expect, you're welcome to complain to us.

Jack Ganssle has once again donned his asbestos suit, this time to write about H-1B visas. Not to anyone's surprise, his efforts have generated a lot of discussion (you'll find it following his observations) articulating a number of different points of view. The results of the poll that asked “How do you feel about H1-B visas?” also reflects a variety of perspectives.

Also of note on the site is a link to the Embedded Systems Dictionary, a tome compiled by Jack Ganssle and Michael Barr. The dictionary defines the meaning and usage of 2,800 of the most-used terms in embedded systems and includes abbreviations, alternative terms, cross references, diagrams, examples, schematics, figures, equations, code listings, and tips for further reading.

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