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Flash-based Blackfin DSPs target automotive apps


Norwood, MA.&#151 With an eye on the needs of automotive market, Analog Devices has launched its ADSP-BF539 and ADSP-BF539F Blackfin digital signal processors. Both processors provide CAN and MOST bus connectivity; the BF539F is the first Blackfin processor to incorporate flash memory.

The ADSP-BF539 devices are 400 MHz processors running at automotive temperature and quality levels and are supported by the INTEGRITY Real-Time Operating System from Green Hills Software. Each can execute a full range of real-time signal processing, vehicle network stacks, diagnostics code, and software download functions with ease. Acting as host or system controllers in automotive applications, the Blackfin ADSP-BF539F combines either 512 Kbytes or 1 MB of Spansion flash memory in a single package. For additional information please visit ADI’sBlackfin.

At the same time ADI is introducing another family of Blackfin processors, the ADSP-BF538 and ADSP-BF538F with flash, which are aimed at more broad-based industrial, medical and biometrics applications, These two devices deliver up to 500 MHz core performance. They combine industry-standard interfaces, including CAN, SPORTs UARTS, SPI, TWI and GPIO, with a high-performance processor core and dual DMA controllers, enabling designers to develop cost-effective solutions quickly without the need for costly external components. The ADSP-BF538F incorporates additional 512 KB or 1 MB Flash memory. Pricing for the BF538/538F ranges from $13.75 to $17.45 in 10K unit quantities. For additional information please visit ADI’s BF-538F

The ADSP-BF539F and ADSP-BF538F represent the first Blackfin devices to be combined together with flash memory in a single package. The two new Blackfin devices are designed for memory-hungry convergent- processing applications that enable audio, video, conversation voice recognition and other functionality. Flash memory has emerged as a key component of these next-generation applications, freeing designers to develop increasingly sophisticated multi-function devices without the aid of additional processors or memory chips.

“Across our core markets, developers continue to attract customers with amazing applications they could only dream of a few years ago,” said John Croteau, general manager, Convergent Platforms and Services Group, Analog Devices, Inc. “By minimizing the need for external peripherals and memory, these new flash-enabled devices give engineers the tools they need to achieve faster time to market and drive costs down for these sophisticated designs. Industry leaders such as VoiceBox Technologies Satellite Radio and Volvo are confirming the advantages.”

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