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Flash devices get software for file management


Flash-management software provider HCC Embedded has partnered with Adesto Technologies to bring its file system products to Adesto’s FusionHD serial flash memory. HCC provides four embedded file systems that allow designers to take advantage of the unique features of FusionHD nonvolatile memory devices to improve performance, data retention, reliability, and battery life of smart IoT devices.

FusionHD flash memories are well-suited for a diverse range of applications in industrial, medical, and consumer markets, including smart metering, home automation, and both consumer and industrial IoT edge devices. To meet these varied requirements, HCC offers the following embedded file system products:

  • SafeFLASH, an efficient flash file system;

  • TINY flash file for resource-constrained environments;

  • SMFS optimized for metering or data logging configurations; and

  • SafeFTL flash translation layer, a reliable management layer for FAT-compatible file systems.

Product developers can simulate the complete lifetime of their product and model use cases to ensure their design is optimized for cost and reliability. Additionally, developers can rely on HCC’s expertise on issues relating to system fail safety, as well as support for special features, such as emergency write and security that contribute to overall system reliability.

“Serial flash memory is increasingly used for critical data storage, ranging from over-the-air updates to cost and system metadata,” said Paul Hill, senior marketing director, Adesto. “Ensuring that this data is safe, reliable, and secure under a wide range of normal and potential error conditions is paramount. The software required to manage this data is complex, and HCC provides proven, tested, and robust off-the-shelf file system solutions to meet these demands. Adesto’s FusionHD devices add a number of features that HCC has been able to use to improve system performance and specification.”

>> This article was originally published on our sister site, EEWeb: “Embedded File System Complements Adesto Flash Technology.”

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