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Flash MCU provides voice and melody

Differing from the traditional OTP and mask type technology, Holtek has announced a HT83F02 flash microcontroller for use in applications that require voice or melody.

Although OTP technology devices are user programmable, after initial programming no further memory content modifications are possible. The HT83F02 device includes flash memory whose contents can be re-programmed many times.

The in-circuit programmable interface also permits device programming even after the device is soldered onto its application PCB. The internal SPI interface can also be used to program the contents of externally connected voice flash memories. Voice functions are becoming an increasingly prominent feature in many home appliances, however the requirement to supply voice content in multiple languages can create logistical difficulties for product manufactures.

However Holtek’s HT83F02 flash device, the problems of multiple languages and stock management can be resolved. Using standard external SPI Flash Memory types, users are free to choose from a range of different memory sizes with flexibility according to different application requirements.

This device is designed for applications which require multiple I/Os and sound effects, such as voice and melody. It can provide various sampling rates and beats, tone levels, tempos for speech synthesizer and melody generator. It also includes two integrated high quality, voltage type DAC outputs and voltage type PWM outputs.

In addition to an internal HOLTEK 8-bit embedded microcontroller, the HT83F02 also includes an integrated flash program memory, high speed SPI and I²C interfaces, a monophonic 12-bit voltage type DAC and a PWM driver which can directly drive 8 or 16 ohm speakers.

The MCU requires few external components with a high noise immunity and a operating temperature of -40°C~+85°C,

The HT83F02 is supported by Holtek’s EasyPlay high-level hardware and software development tools. The inclusion of multi mode play features as well as a new generation USB writer (e-Writer Plus), provides designers with a full suite of easy to use highly functional supporting tools for programming both program memory and voice content. These features combine to provide a device with all the integrated features for a wide product application range, in areas such as home security products, anti-theft equipment, healthcare products and household appliances to name but a few. For voice product applications with lower volume and high adaptability requirements, this device provides a solution for reliable and rapid product development.

See the datasheet here .

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