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Flash smart-card IC modules suit low-end mobile handsets

Aimed at SIM cards in low-end mobile telephony, the EMTG30 and EMTG56 flash-memory-based smart card ICs are compatible with the ISO7816-3 IC Card (smart card) specification. Memory flexibility is a key advantage of these EM Microelectronic's devices, which contain 31 and 57 kbytes of pure flash memory.

The EMTG30/56 feature a high-performance 8-bit 8051 MCU core that's implemented in hardware, allowing it to process instructions four times faster per clock cycle than typical microcode-based 8051 core designs. An internal tamper-proof clock operates at up to 30 MHz and provides better security than designs that require an external clock. Security is also enhanced by the EMTG30/56’s built-in analog, hardware-protected memory partitioning and tamper notification.

Unlike typical smart cards, the EMTG30 and EMTG56 have a memory architecture that's 100% re-programmable. This provides more flexibility for the manufacturer, dealer or end user to reconfigure the operating system and applications. More information about the new EMTG30/56 smart card modules is available at www.emmicroelectronic.com.

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