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FlexRay starter pack facilitates initial steps for developers


Munich, Germany — At the IAA automotive trade fair, Eberspaecher Electronics will exhibit a set of tools, intersecting points, test environments and special control boxes that are specially tailored to the future-oriented automotive FlexRay data bus system.

Due to the high complexity of the FlexRay bus system it is important that it should be easy for developers to get started with it. Eberspcher Electronics has developed the “FlexDevel Starter pack”, designed especially for newcomers to the subject. It includes two easy-to-use communications nodes to build up a FlexRay network, an analysis solution based on the FlexCard and the FlexRay training course. With the help of this starter kit newcomers to the FlexRay system will quickly find their feet and will be able quickly to implement their knowledge in their own industrial applications.

Already during the development phase, FlexRay control boxes are subjected to various tests. These tests can be carried out as effectively as possible Eberspcher Electronics supplies special tools which specifically take into consideration the requirements of FlexRay. FlexXcon midget is a robust, cost-effective and efficient electronic platform containing a series of different automotive bus interfaces (FlexRay, CAN, LIN, MOST). Thanks to its robust construction the module can be deployed both in the laboratory and in the vehicle. For example, with FlexXcon midget developers can simulate the vehicle network and can therefore separately test a control box, in other words without its communications partners. Desired communications interference between control boxes can be induced and the data exchange altered. Another advantage is that FlexRay control boxes can also be tested with this electronics platform as the gateway in existing CAN test stands.

The PC-aided FlexCard family is available for more complex test applications, for example hardware-in-the-loop simulation (HiL) or automated test stands. Customer-specific requirements are efficiently implement thanks to the variety of configurations, and in close cooperation with the FlexRay specialists as development partners.

The competencies of Eberspcher Electronics in developing electronic control boxes are just as versatile as the competencies in implementing of the advanced FlexRay system: Eberspcher Electronics develops and produces universal and customer-specific control boxes, generally used for small series of special applications in passenger and commercial vehicles. The tracking module on show at the IAA makes it possible to read vehicle data from the CAN bus system and transmit it via GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) to a central control centre. This is of particular interest for shipping agents and companies wishing at all times to monitor precisely the status of their vehicles. Defects in the electronics and failure times can be determined exactly.

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