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Flexure gauges handle millions of measurement cycles

Solartron Metrology has introduced two flexure gauges and claim the digital and analog sensors can maintain their exceptional high repeatability and resolution of less than 0.1µm over millions of measurement cycles.

The gauges are suitable for post process or in process applications requiring high precision and high volume measurements where the high throughput would shorten the life of conventional pencil probes.

There are no sliding parts within the sensor or its parallelogram-shaped frame, ensuring that the gauges are frictionless and virtually free from hysteresis.

The gauges have forward and reverse spring action, and a pneumatically actuated version is available for applications that require automated measurements.  The gauges’ novel design utilizes a high number of factory serviceable parts reducing the cost of ownership. The IP65-rated gauges can be mounted with little or no stress through the gauge center line, which allows precision profiling of moving material such as sheet products or rotating shafts and brake discs.

The analog version with half bridge or LVDT output can be used with most standard amplifiers.  The digital gauge interfaces with Solartron’s Orbit® network, which enables even higher linearity over its full 1mm or 2mm measuring range. The Orbit network also allows the gauges to be mixed with other digital transducers in a single measurement system.
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