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FLO/PCB enables multi-team cooperation

London, UK — Flomerics' FLO/PCB provides a multi-disciplinary design environment for optimising conceptual design of printed-circuit boards (PCBs) and enables electronic engineers to take account of thermal design constraints directly.

It promotes a conceptual design process that starts with a functional block diagram, and enables systems architects, hardware designers, and mechanical/thermal engineers to collaborate in a common design environment.

A single mouse-click toggles between three different views of the board; the functional block diagram; the physical layout; and the thermal analysis. Changes made in one view are instantly reflected in the others, keeping all team members 'in sync' and enabling them to contribute to the design concept development in real time. The result is pre-optimised designs in less time, and drastic reductions in rework costs as product marketing, electrical, mechanical, and thermal issues are solved before detailed design starts.

FLO/PCB provides specialized menus for rapid creation of functional block diagrams and automatic creation of physical layout and thermal model from the functional block diagram.

3D airflow and temperature prediction is possible for both sides of the board, in minutes.

A fully-integrated library capability supports JEDEC standards for component thermal models, and leveraging libraries from SmartParts3D.com and flopack.com.

The tool enables export and import of board design information to and from EDA and CAD software via IDF file format.

The software has native, bi-directional interoperability with Flowmerics' Flotherm and automatic report generation via HTML and/or Microsoft Word.

The first full release of FLO/PCB is scheduled for shipping in April. It is compatible with WindowsXP, WindowsNT, and Windows2000 operating systems. Recommended minimum hardware requirements are 512MB RAM, and 300MB disk space.

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