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Floreat launches FloFax sofware for Fax and Fax over Internet Protocol (FoIP) solutions


Floreat, which provides embedded multimedia and communications software and services, announced the availability of its FloFax software suite for Fax and Fax over Internet Protocol (FoIP) solutions.

The FloFax solutions include T.38 FoIP relay with V.17, V.29, V.27ter, V.21ch.2 fax modems, Terminating T.38, T.30 Fax Application Software with Tiff support, Voice-Fax discrimination, QoE and performance enhancements, support of call control stacks – SIP, H.323 and others, and Legacy Fax.

FloFax also supports Fax over RF links and enables Green Fax that eliminates ink, paper and thermal transfers on mobile and portable communication devices.Floreat also offers product engineering services for software, firmware and hardware development.

Devised in 1998, the T.38 fax relay standard permits faxes to be transported across IP networks between existing Group 3 fax terminals. A Fax over IP (FoIP) solution based on the T.38 relay enables real-time communications between ordinary fax machines on modern IP networks, including the public Internet.

Floreat supports its software on devices including:

  • TI C5000 and C6000
  • Intel Pentium fixed and floating point
  • Marvell XScale
  • ADI Blackfin (BF53x), SHARC 21xxx
  • ARM 7/9/9E, MIPS
  • PowerPC, STM, SuperH cores, Philips Nexperia
  • CEVA (formerly DSPG’s licensing division)

For more information and pricing, please visit Floreat's site.

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