FMI standard 2.0 integrates simulation models -

FMI standard 2.0 integrates simulation models

The Modelica Association Project Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI) has announced the release of the FMI standard 2.0. FMI is an open, manufacturer-independent interface that lets the user integrate simulation models from different modeling tools into one overall model. The latest version of the standard brings with it new functions. For example, simulation parameters can now be altered during the simulation.

As an open standard, the Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI) makes is easier to use the best tools for a specific modeling task and to consistently reuse models. The partners of the Modelica Association FMI Project further develop the FMI standard, which originally resulted from the EU project MODELISAR, concluded in 2011. The FMI project was started in 2012 and is carried out by leading providers and users of simulation tools.

New functions pave the way for new application fields and increase usability. Among these functions are: altering parameters during the simulation, an improved initialization, event handling and use in a real-time environment such as in a hardware-in-the-loop simulator.

dSPACE is among the first providers to support the FMI standard 2.0 in its tool chain and offers a presentation of a demo project .

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