Former IBM exec joins FDD board -

Former IBM exec joins FDD board

LONDON — A retired senior vice president of IBM, Dr. James C. McGroddy, has joined the board of directors Scottish microdisplay developers, Forth Dimension Displays.

McGroddy’s career with IBM focused on the introduction of new methods to enhance the linkage of R&D to manufacturing and product exploitation. He led a major restructuring of its research efforts, building a model and management system which is now widely emulated because of its effectiveness in enhancing the return on the research investment.

Since leaving IBM, McGroddy has consulted for a number of companies in the display area, as well as across a broader swath of hardware and software technologies. He is chairman of of MIQS, a healthcare software firm, and of Advanced Networks and Services, and serves on the board of Paxar Corp.

“Jim’s proven leadership in driving new display technologies to the marketplace through cooperation with Asian partners is very important to Forth Dimension Displays as we take our technology into larger consumer segments, such as rear projection HDTVs,” said Leslie G. Polgar, CEO. “While at IBM, Jim was a leader of their joint venture with Toshiba that made LCD displays for laptop computers a reality.”

Forth Dimension Displays, which was previously CRLO Displays Ltd, develops, manufactures and supplies advanced microdisplays using a proprietary, fast-switching liquid crystal technology.

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