Former Pace exec helps establish R&D framework -

Former Pace exec helps establish R&D framework


LONDON — A management consultancy, set up by a former Pace Micro Technology executive, has been recruited to support the development of its research and development infrastructure at Advanced Digital Institute (ADI).

Breakthrough Leadership was set up earlier this year in Shipley by John Eagleshsam who previously ran the global engineering organisation of the Saltaire based set top box manufacturer. He headed a team of 450 engineers in the U.K., India, France and the U.S., has twenty years experience in electronics systems development and over ten years experience in digital TV.

ADI (Bingley, England) has been recently launched to help companies identify and develop new high value products through the provision of specialist technical support and business advice in areas such as digital TV, wireless technology, consumer networking, RFID, creative industries, software development and other commercially important high technology growth areas.

Initially focusing on digital TV, home-networking and related technologies, Breakthrough will work with ADI to create the first building blocks in ADI’s technology base. These resources will then give development companies in the region a major boost, as it will provide them with an outside facility capable of developing new technology solutions, which they can in turn incorporate into their own products ahead of the competition.

From left: John Eaglesham CEO Breakthrough Leadership and Ged Powell CEO ADI

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