Forum to champion U.K.'s nano developments -

Forum to champion U.K.’s nano developments

LONDON — Over 400 delegates, from more than 20 countries, are expected to attend this year's U.K. NanoForum, organized by U.K. Trade & Investment in association with the Nanotechnology Knowledge Transfer Network and Nanotechnology Industries Association.

Being held on Nov 27 at the QE11 conference centre in Westminster in London, the event includes a conference, exhibition and workshops. will provide an ideal platform for the UK's nanotechnology community to showcase its products and services.

The event will attract visitors from South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, China, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Sweden and other countries. There will be inward mission from India led by Dr Arup Chatterjee of India's Innovation Centre for Applied Nanotechnology.

The programme will include a presentation on the current U.K. nanotechnology scene by Paul Reip of QinetiQ and there will be case studies from Barry Parks of Oxonica, Michael Edelman of Nanoco Technologies, Bob Carr and Jeremy Warren of NanoSight and Dr Arup Chatterjee.

QinetiQ uses a proprietary bulk nanomaterials production process to supply metals, oxides, and other specialist materials while Oxonica develop innovative commerial solutions for international markets using expertise in the design and application of nanomaterials. Nanoco Technologies develops and manufactures fluorescent nano-crystals from semi-conductor and metallic materials known as quantum dots and NanoSight supplies instruments for visualisation and sizing of nanoparticles.

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