Four ANSI/VITA specs reach full ratification -

Four ANSI/VITA specs reach full ratification

Cocoa Beach, Fl. – At the Embedded Tech Trends meeting here this month, VITA announced that four specifications out of eight submitted for ANSI/VITA ratification in 2011 have completed the process and reached full recognition under guidance of the VITA Standards Organization (VSO). Achieving full ratification were:

ANSI/VITA 51.2-2011: Physics of Failure Reliability Predictions
The ANSI/VITA51.2 specification provides standard processes, instructions and default parameters for using the Physics of Failure (PoF) approach for modeling the reliability of electronic products.

It includes a discussion of the philosophy, context for use, definitions, models for key failure mechanisms, definition of the input data required, default values if technically feasible or the typical range of values as a guideline. It defines how modeling results are interpreted and used. It requires the documentation of modeling inputs, assumptions made during the analysis, modifications to the models and rationale for the analysis.

ANSI/VITA 61.0-2011: XMC 2.0
This standard, based upon VITA 42.0 XMC, defines an open standard for supporting high-speed, switched interconnect protocols on an existing, widely deployed form factor, but utilizing an alternate, ruggedized, high-speed mezzanine interconnector known as VITA 61 XMC 2.0.

This connector conforms to VITA 42 XMC mounting and envelope requirements, but is not intermateable with the VITA 42 connector. The VITA 61 connector provides support for PCI Express 2.0, with a baseline of 5+ GHz throughput versus the 3.125 of the VITA 42 connector. Durability is enhanced with a rated 500 mating cycles versus 100 for the VITA 42 connector.

ANSI/VITA 66.0-2011: VPX – Optical Interconnect On VPX (Base Standard)
The ANSI/VITA 66.0 base standard defines physical features of a stand-alone compliant blind mate optical interconnect for use in VPX systems.

ANSI/VITA 66.1-2011: VPX – Optical Interconnect On VPX – MT Variant
The ANSI/VITA 66.1 standard defines an MT Variant blind mate fiber optic interconnect for use with VPX backplanes and plug-in modules.

The VSO just completed its latest ANSI audit. Passing this audit is key to retaining accreditation from ANSI and enabling continued work on open standards for critical embedded systems technology.

The VITA Standards Organization is unique in the embedded computing standards development community as being one of the select few with ANSI accreditation. Being accredited assures that a well-developed and documented process is followed by the working groups.

The VSO currently has over 30 active working groups developing specifications for the next generation of specifications for critical embedded computing systems.

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