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FPGA-based PCIe-to-VME64x bridge debuts


Helix is an FPGA-based VME64x interface from Curtiss-Wright aimed at closing the gap created by the end-of-life notice for the TSI148 chip. The Helix device will ensure the viability of VME in the embedded systems market and support the long lifecycles typical of defense and aerospace programs.

Curtiss-Wright’s FPGA solution provides the same functionality found in the TSI148 VME interface chip. Helix supplies a PCIe Gen2 interface, and its VME64x interface supports the complete set of VME data transaction types (SLT, BLT, MBLT, 2eVME, and 2eSST). It also offers hardware-based byte swapping capability and a dual-channel intelligent chained DMA engine. PCIe MSI (message signal interrupt) or legacy interrupts are handled by an embedded interrupt controller that can manage up to 64 internal interrupt sources.

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