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FPGA Configurator saves 75% board space

Interconnect Systems Inc. (ISI) has announced its latest generation FC512 FPGA Configurator designed and tested to be used with Altera Stratix V and Arria 10 FPGAs.

The FC512 reduces board space by 75 percent by integrating 512Mb of flash storage and a controller in a compact 13x13mm device. It utilizes full 32-bit configuration, providing the fastest system-on-time for embedded applications, and the ability to configure large FPGAs within the 100ms PCIe limit. Additional features for the FC512 device includes flexible usage of its flash memory and embedded USB Blaster II functionality.

Flexible usage of the flash memory allows read/write access to the flash after FPGA configuration is completed. The user's FPGA design can update bitstreams into the FC512's flash memory for easy flash memory mapping into the user application. This supports real-time remote system upgrades to quickly address changing protocols, standards, and new applications.

The integrated USB Blaster II is an on-card USB development, debug and programming port designed to eliminate the need for an external USB pod, while providing 8X faster interface than a standard USB Blaster. It provides the ability to program internal flash with new images directly from Altera Quartus programmer tools.

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