Fractional charge pump offers high efficiency in a tiny package -

Fractional charge pump offers high efficiency in a tiny package

Catalyst Semiconductor expanded its family of LED drivers with the CAT3603, a tiny, simple-to-use, high-efficiency fractional charge pump. The device is suited for high-volume, three-LED backlighting display applications in handsets, digital still cameras, and handheld devices.

Mainstream, high-volume consumer handheld and portable systems require feature-rich functions, long battery life, and small size, at very low cost. Today, this typically means implementing a cost-effective three-LED configuration for color LCD backlighting. The CAT3603 is targeted specifically at these cost-sensitive, high-volume applications by providing simplicity and high efficiency in a 3- by 3-mm, 12-lead low-profile (0.8-mm) TDFN package.

The CAT3603 gives system designers the flexibility to select the desired LED brightness (1 to 30 mA) using one low-cost external resistor. This solution eliminates the need for a complex interface control. In addition, tightly matched output channels provide accurate illumination of up to three LEDs, resulting in uniform backlighting of the color LCD panel.

An automatic 1X/1.5X fractional charge pump maximizes battery life, allowing the CAT3603 to deliver up to 91% power efficiency. When disabled, the device enters a zero-current shutdown mode. Protection against short-circuit and thermal overload fault conditions is also included.

Pricing for 10,000-piece quantities is $0.78. Samples and evaluation kits are now available. Projected lead-times for production quantities are currently 6 to 8 weeks ARO. For additional information,, visit

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